paul merrill: trumpeter/composer

In addition to traditional teaching studios in Ithaca and Rochester New York, I offer improvisation lessons worldwide with Skype. It is my experience that multiple short sessions are a more efficient and effective way to study improvised music. With frequent, intense, and to the point meetings, we focus on how to achieve small goals and understand the concepts behind them. When you are ready for the next step, or have additional questions/needs, we meet for another session. Think of it as a constantly evolving musical dialogue with our instruments in hand. You might only need 10 minutes the first month, but 30 minutes the following week, or 20 minutes a day for two weeks - whatever it takes. I keep detailed records of our work together and can provide my written assessments of our lessons at any time. I find that 60 minutes of study (or practice) in this way, trumps two-three hours the traditional way. You just need a high speed connection, web cam, internal or external microphone, and a desire to learn. My fee is $0.99 a minute and I bill through paypal

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